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The Advisory Council has been set up to guide the process of reactivating the Catalan economy. Chaired by Salvador Alemany, the council will meet every fortnight to advise the Catalan government (Generalitat) on economic matters

Experts, businesses and policy makers are calling for a change of model to make universities more competitive and innovative, and to help them respond more effectively to the needs of society. These are some of the conclusions of the Symposium on Universities, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, organized by the Barcelona Institute of Economics, which brought together…

Members of the IEB and the UB’s Department of Political Economy and the Public Finance awarded the prize of the ‘Revista Econòmica de Catalunya’ for their book ‘The Political Economy of Inter-Regional Fiscal Flows’

IEB researcher wins UB prize for his article ‘Sequential education expansion, equality and growth in the Republic of Korea’

Pere Arqué, awarded a European Doctorate ‘cum laude’ for his PhD thesis on the funding of R+D and innovation in businesses Pere Arqué, member of the Barcelona Economics Institute (IEB), has been awarded the grade Excellent cum laude for his PhD thesis “Essays on the financing of R&D and innovation”. The thesis comprises three empirical…

  This year’s national and international reports will centre on the funding of local governments in Spain and throughout the world   On 15 April 2010 the Barcelona Economics Institute (IEB) presented its first Reports on Fiscal Federalism under the auspices of the Chair in Fiscal Federalism of the University of Barcelona. Both documents are…