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The IX Workshop of Economics brought together more than 30 participants

The IEB hosted, from September 13th to 14th, the IX Workshop on Economics of Education, coordinated by the researcher of the IEB, Álvaro Choi, and which brought together more than 30 participants.

During the two days a total of 10 papers were presented, which dealt with research around education in subjects such as equal opportunities, gender, selection and remuneration of professionals, and financing systems.

In addition to the papers presented, the Workshop featured the presentations of two keynotes. The professor of the London School of Economics, Stephen Machin, analyzed the effects that Brexit can have both on trade and wages in the United Kingdom and on the evolution of the education system.

The keynote of the last day was the researcher of the University of Sussex, Peter Dolton, who analyzed the effect that social networks are having on the education system.