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IEB Report 1/2022: Cities and Congestion

Congestion, environmental pollution and accidents are some of the issues that require action in order to reduce their negative effects. This is the focus of this IEB document, written by professors Antonio Russo (Loughborough University, UK), Jos van Ommeren (VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Maria Börjesson (Linköping University, Sweden) and Daniel Albalate and Xavier Fageda (University of Barcelona, Spain).

2021/06: The impact of ‘competition for the market’ regulatory designs on intercity bus prices

Spain regulates its intercity bus market by means of a ‘competition for the market’ mechanism, whose design has been modified several times in the last years. This implies that current services are operated under contracts whose conditions are heterogeneous. We take advantage of such fact to empirically measure the impact that regulatory designs may have on fares paid by the users. The results show very large differences between routes whose contracts were awarded under relatively open conditions compared to regionally regulated routes or very old contracts whose concessions were extended and have not been retendered.

Info IEB. The Future of Barcelona Airport: An Economic View. Number 40. October 2021

The decision by the Spanish Council of Ministers on 28 September 2021 to approve a 2022-2026 Airport Regulation Document (DORA) that does not envisage the expansion of Barcelona airport may seem to close the
debate on whether or not such an expansion is necessary. However, because this decision does not solve the problem indefinitely, it can also be interpreted as an opportunity to take more time to delve into the debate
and rigorously analyse the various alternatives.

Perdiguero García, Jordi

Jornadas 20º Aniversario IEB – Sesión 1: El futuro del aeropuerto de Barcelona

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HYBRID: 4th Meeting on Transport Economics and Infrastructure

Organised by Institut d’Economia de Barcelona (IEB) and Grup de Recerca en Governs i Mercats (GiM, UB)

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