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Professor Judit Vall receives an award for her work in disseminating science and humanism

The Doctors’ Senate and the Social Council of the University of Barcelona have presented an award to Dr. Judit Vall, a researcher at the Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB), to mark her dedication to the field of scientific and humanistic dissemination. The event in which the award was made was held in the Aula Magna of the historic building of the UB and was chaired by the rector of the university, Dr. Joan Guàrdia.

The jury placed special emphasis on Professor Vall’s involvement in outreach activities and her major contribution to the dissemination of the scientific, technical and social knowledge and values that the UB promotes. Specifically, the Senate highlighted Professor Vall’s impact in the media, as well as her prominent role in the economy blog Nothing is Free.

Along with Professor Vall, Dr. Enrique Bassat Orellana, professor of the Department of Medicine, also received an award in recognition of his activity in this field.