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The round table on the future of Barcelona Airport weighs up the pros and cons of the expansion

Researchers Anna Matas and Javier Asensio coordinated yesterday’s debate on the future of Barcelona Airport, one of the activities held to mark the IEB’s twentieth anniversary. They were accompanied at the round table by Alicia Casart of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Xavier Fageda of the UB, and Alfredo Pastor of the IESE. All the participants agreed to carry out a “calm and comprehensive debate” on the options for the airport, leaving aside any political issues.

The opening speech was given by Professor Asensio and served to focus the debate, with a thorough presentation of the data and of the pros and cons of the expansion of the airport. The meeting, organized in conjunction with La Vanguardia, was held at the Palau Macaya in Barcelona. Among those attending was José Montilla, former president of the Generalitat.

The round table on the future of the airport will be followed by two similar events celebrating the IEB’s twentieth anniversary, which will engage technical experts and academics in debates on issues that are likely to mark the future of our society. The themes for these events are regional financing and taxation, on 27 October, and the Spanish health model (date to be announced).