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IEB Report 4/20 analyses the impact of COVID-19 on poverty

In the context of the presentation of the IEB Report on Fiscal Federalism and Public Finance 2020, the Barclona Institute of Economics (IEB) has released the IEB Report 4/20 “Poverty in Spain and Europe: Effects of Covid-19”, which completes the series of this year’s annual report.

The final installment to the annual IEB Report has been coordinated by Núria Bosch, Professor in Economics at the UB, and includes three contributions: the first by Luis Ayala, Professor in Economics at the UNED; another by Elena Bárcena-Martín (Universidad de Málaga) and Olga Cantó (Universidad de Alcalá), Professors in Economics and members of Equalitas; and the third from researchers of the Université du Luxembourg, Professor Conchita d’Ambrosio and Vincent Vergnat. IEB Report 4/20 highlights aspects such as the danger posed by the pandemic on poverty, leading to structures of risk that slow the possibility of exiting the crisis, the profile of those most affected, and how poverty is spreading in different European countries. It also tells us that more ambitious public policies are still needed to reduce the effects of these economic cycles on the most vulnerable families.

Previously, three other IEB Reports that make up the IEB’s Report on Fiscal Federalism and Public Finance 2020 had been published: “Cities, Taxation and Climate change”, “The Rise of New Political Parties in Western Democracies” and “Legalization of Undocumented Immigrants: What Do We Know?”.