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IEB Report 01/2020: Tackling Climate Change from the Urban World

There is a consensus that much of the climate crisis lies in the lifestyle of cities and their corresponding greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, not to mention the effects of an agriculture designed to meet the food needs of the urban population.

This concentration of population in our cities and their urban planning policies are factors that make the urban world especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change, as they, at the same time, aggravate the problem.

In analysing how these effects could be mitigated from an urban perspective, the IEB Report 01/2020 (https://ieb.ub.edu/en/publication/report-ieb-1-2020-cities-taxation-and-climate-change/) features three contributions coordinated by IEB researcher and Universitat de Barcelona professor, Cristina de Gispert. Mobility, water, and waste management are three of the areas with the greatest impact, and, for this reason, are at the core of the three contributions of, respectively, Maria Börjesson, Gonzalo Delacámara e Ignasi Puig Ventosa.