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Event: Workshop

Corruption, Manipulation and Accountability

Date: December 19, 2019Hour: 9h - 18h

Sala de Recepcions - Facultat d'Economia i Empresa

Organising Institutions

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9:00h - 9:15h Welcome
9:15h - 10:00h

“Too Crooked to be Good: Tradeoffs and the Punishment of Malfeasance”

Sofia Breitenstein & Enrique Hernández (UAB)

Discussant: Catherine de Vries (Vrije Universiteit


10:00h - 10:45h

“Social Capital, Corruption and Accountability. Evidence from the Spanish municipalities”

Jordi Muñoz & Pilar Sorribas-Navarro (IPERG-UB/IEB-UB)

Discussant:  Ignacio Jurado (UC3M)

11:15h - 12:00h

“The Fingerprints of Fraud: Evidence from Mexico’s 1988 Presidential Election”

Francisco Cantú (University of Houston)

Discussant Andreu Arenas (IEB-UB)

12:00h - 12:45h

“Does Electing Women Reduce Corruption? A Regression Discontinuity Approach”

Miguel Pereira & Pablo Fernández-Vázquez (Washington University in St. Louis/University of Pittsburgh)

Discussant: Albert Solé (IEB-UB)

12:45h - 13:30h

“Electoral manipulation in a consolidated democracy? RDD evidence from Spanish local elections”

Albert Falcó-Gimeno, Jordi Muñoz & Pilar Sorribas-Navarro (UB/IEB-UB)

Discussant: Francisco Cantú (University of Houston)

14:15h - 15:30h

IPERG Seminar

Catherine de Vries (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

15:45h - 16:30h

“Economic hardship, political corruption, and the emergence of challenger parties. Evidence from the Great Recession in Spain”

Carlos Sanz, Albert Solé-Ollé & Pilar Sorribas-Navarro (BE/IEB-UB)

Discussant: Sandra León (UC3M)

16:30h - 17:15h

“Did Sanctions help Putin?”

Aleksandra Peeva (Free University of Berlin)

Discussant Matteo Gamalerio (IEB-UB)

17:15h - 18:00h

“Fighting Corruption with Fiscal Rules”

Gianmarco Daniele, Tommaso Giommoni & Tommaso Orlando (Bocconi University)

Discussant: Gianmarco León (UPF)

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