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SEMINAR: Ferran Elias (Universitat de València) – “The Causes of Duality in the Labor Market: Evidence from Spain’s Payroll Tax and Employment Protection Reforms”

February 14, 2023 – Room 1038 – 14.30h

SEMINAR: Yang Zheng (London School of Economics and Political Science) – “Green Revenue and Clean Innovation: whose clean technology efforts do firms benefit from?”

February 9, 2023 – Seminar Room 3 ERE – 14.30h

SEMINAR: Elliot Ash (ETH Zürich) – “Ideas Have Consequences: The Impact of Law and Economics on American Justice”

February 7, 2023 – Room 1038 – 14.30h

SEMINAR: Maximiliano Javier Sosa Andrés (Uppsala University) – “Legal uncertainty and its consequences: A naturallanguage processing approach”

ROOM 1038 – 14.30h

SEMINAR: Ander Iraizoz (Paris School of Economics) – “Saving for Retirementthrough the Public Pension System: Evidence from the Self-Employed inSpain”

ROOM 1038 – 14.30h

SEMINAR: Laura Muñoz Blanco (Trinity College Dublin) – “Shifting MarriageTiming for Women: Destructive Events and Forced Displacement”

ROOM 1038 – 14.30h