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The 5th Symposium of the Chair of Energy Sustainability analyses the social, political and industrial challenges of the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources

On February 7 last, the Chair of Sustainable Energy at the University of Barcelona brought together prominent names from the international academic community to discuss the challenges facing the future of the energy sector.

El investigador Oriol Escardíbul analitza el pago a profesores vinculado al rendimiento de los estudiantes en el último INFO IEB

 El investigador del IEB, Oriol Escardíbul, es el autor del último INFO IEB, en el que analiza las ventajas y los inconvenientes del sistema de incentivos salariales para los profesores vinculado al rendimiento de los estudiantes, un tema de actualidad debido a la entrada de la medida en la legislación…

The first issue of the IEB report evaluates the impact of a fiscal devaluation in Spain

The positive effects on short-term economic growth of a fiscal devaluation mean that various analysts and institutions recommend adopting this policy to help reactivate an economy. Indeed, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recently recommended that the Spanish government do just that, i.e., increase VAT and reduce employers’ social security contributions. In its IEB Report…

Investigadors visitants

Visiting researchers {module 177}

Infrastructure and Transport, Research Topics

Evaluation investment and transport policy cost-benefit analysis in transport. Accessibility and location of economic activities. infrastructure and productivity. Investment in transport and sustainability. Liberalisation and competition oligopolistic market structure. Paper costs of infrastructure access and competition. Economic regulation of the common infrastructure. Infrastructure Financing Private participation in infrastructure. pricing and infrastructure financing. Cities and Transportation:…

Infrastructure and Transport

Infrastructure and Transport Objectives The aim of the research programme in Infrastructure and Transport is to promote research in this area from an economic viewpoint, in order to generate knowledge that is useful to society and is able to guide public policy. It focuses on the effects of infrastructure investments and transport policies on economic…

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