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The Chair in Energy and Environmental Sustainability – Lines of research

    {slide=R&D in the Energy Sector} This line of research examines entrepreneurial commitment to R+D and its degree of technological innovation, through an analysis of the firms involved and of the relations between market structure, regulation and innovation. The methodology applied will involve the creation and specification of the corresponding models and their estimation…

The Chair in Energy and Environmental Sustainability – Funseam

The Chair OF Energy Sustainability AT THE UB Objectives The Chair of Energy Sustainability at the UB promotes research into the production, supply and use of the energy needed to maintain social welfare and development, placing special emphasis on economic, environmental and social aspects. The Chair pursues the following aims: 1. To develop a research…


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The IEB: Presentation

  Who are we?  The Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) is a research centre whose goals are to promote and disseminate work in applied economics, and to contribute to the debate and decision-making process in economic policy.   Founded in 2001 within the University of Barcelona, the IEB enjoys the official recognition of the Catalan…


The Chair of Fiscal Federalism at the UB, directed by Professor of Public Finance Núria Bosch, promotes research in this area with training and research. The department publishes a report on Fiscal Federalism and organizes seminars and conferences to promote discussion and to contribute to public decision-making. Thanks to their support, researchers and collaborators themselves can…

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