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The IEB analyses how transport infrastructure is financed in the IEB Report ‘The Financing of Infrastructure’

Developed countries allocate between 3 and 5% of their GDP to transport infrastructure, but an efficient financing model has yet to be created. It is this absence of an efficient system of financing that provides the point of departure for the latest Report from the Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB), entitled ‘The Financing of Infrastructure’…

The IEB analyses the Wealth Tax performance in the last IEB Report

 · The investigators indicate that, with proper planning, payment of the tax in its totality could be reduced · The Report indicates that the number of tax audits conducted between 2011 and 2014 represents an increase of only about 0.3% of the tax declarations submitted in Catalonia Download the IEB…

The latest IEB Report analyses the role of social networks and big data in solving crime

 Download the IEB Report 3/2017 The Institute of Economics of Barcelona (IEB) has published its latest edition of the IEB Report entitled ‘The Economics of Crime: State of the Art and Current Challenges’, which is dedicated to the analysis of the costs of criminal activity and the use of new…

IEB i Everis situen la bretxa fiscal dels tributs que gestiona l’Agència Tributària de Catalunya en un 26,53%

Segons el primer estudi sobre el tax gap aplicat a Catalunya, a l’any 2014, la bretxa fiscal dels quatre principals impostos que gestionava l’Agència Tributària de Catalunya (ATC) va ser de 789,8 milions, el que representa un 26,53% de la recaptació potencial (2.976.63 milions d’euros).  

Ilias Pasidis analyses the effects of motorway construction on europe’s urban organization in the latest Info-IEB

Associate IEB researcher, Ilias Pasidis, is the author of the latest issue of Info-IEB, entitled “Urban Transport Externalities”. The document, based on the homonymous chapter of his doctoral thesis, analyses the collateral effects of motorways on Europe’s cities.

El IEB y la Diputació de Barcelona analizan los modelos de financiación local en Cataluña y Europa

El Instituto de Economía de Barcelona y la Diputació de Barcelona celebrarán, el próximo viernes 24 de noviembre, la primera “Jornada sobre diferentes modelos de financiación local”, en la que representantes de la administración e investigadores analizarán los sistemas de financiación de los gobiernos locales tanto en Cataluña como en el resto de Europa. 

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