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Amedeo Piolatto and Rafael González Val, new post-doc researchers at the IEB

Their research interests include political economy, public economics, microeconomic theory, economic geography, and urban and regional economics


Amedeo Piolatto and Rafael González Val have joined the IEB’s research programs in Fiscal Federalism and Cities and Innovation respectively, after winning the places awarded by the Institute for post-doc researchers. The duration of the posts is three years.


Piolatto, who is 31 years old, studied Economics at the University of Turin and obtained his doctorate at the Toulouse School of Economics and the University of Milan-Bicocca for his PhD thesis on public economics and the economics of education, supervised by Philippe de Donder and Mario Gilli.


As a post-doc researcher at the IEB, Amedeo Piolatto will work on the research program in Fiscal Federalism led by the lecturers Albert Solé-Ollé and Núria Bosch-Roca, and will also conduct studies in his own research areas of interest.


Rafael González Val, who is 29 years old, studied Economics in Zaragoza, where he also studied Law and obtained a European Doctorate mention for this PhD thesis on city growth, supervised by Luis Fernando Lanaspa Santolaria and Fernando Pueyo Baldellou.


González Val will work as a post-doc researcher under the supervision of the researchers of the program in Cities and Innovation, led by the lecturers Elisabet Viladecans and José García Quevedo.