Albert Solé-Ollé and Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal Awarded Project Grant by the Institute for Self-Government Studies

Researchers from the Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) Albert Solé-Ollé and Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal have been awarded funding by the Institute for Self-Government Studies (IEB) for their research project entitled “Understanding Intergovernmental Cooperation: the Effect of Political Homophily”. The research also includes Pilar Sorribas, Matteo Gamalerio, Pierre Magontier y Filippo Tassinari.

The study will analyse the effect of political homophily in facilitating cooperation between governments in multilevel governance environments. Political homophily refers to the preference of political actors to form ties on the basis of shared attributes (for example, belonging to the same political party or having a related political ideology).

More specifically, the project also addresses land-use policy decisions and, in particular, aims to analyse how political homophily affects the development of coastal municipalities. The hypothesis that arises is that there is less coastal development in municipalities with mayors belonging to the same party or ideology than if the majority of the mayors are from the same coastal area.


Projects linked to the territorial distribution of power

The IEA grants and aid program is intended for projects that address the analysis of issues directly related to themes such as federalism, decentralization, intergovernmental relations, territorial conflicts and self-determination, as well as projects based on the territorial distribution of power that address specific aspects of institutional systems, political, social and economic.

The Institute for Self-Government Studies is a research centre linked to the Catalan Government and specialized in the analysis of institutions, actors and collective decision-making processes in federal and regional democracies, as well as in the European Union and in processes of secession.