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Albert Solé, member of the IEB, ICREA Acadèmia award-winner

The award promotes and acknowledges research excellence among the teaching and research staff of the public universities of Catalonia

Albert Solé Ollé, member of the IEB and professor at the Department of Political Economy and the Public Treasury of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Barcelona, has been awarded one of the Acadèmia prizes for research excellence awarded by ICREA, the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies. 

Solé holds a PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Barcelona and a master’s degree in the Public Treasury and Economic Analysis at the Institute for Fiscal Studies of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. In 1999 he obtained his doctorate at the University of Barcelona for his thesis on equalization grants and the calculation of spending needs. Solé’s lines of research are the problems of horizontal and vertical coordination in multi-level government systems, the design of equalization grants, and the calculation of the spending needs of sub-central governments.

The new ICREA Acadèmia Program is aimed at university lecturers who carry out research at the university and, especially, those who are fully active in research. The awards are granted to a maximum of 40 researchers. Award-winners undertake to give priority to their research activities at a public university in Catalonia during the five years of the program’s duration.

A commission of international experts evaluated the applications for the awards, considering the academic merits of the candidates, the importance and impact of their publications, the projects in which they participated at home and abroad, their leadership capacity, their international profile and other research achievements.

The ICREA Acadèmia Program award-winners each receive 25,000 euros a year. The researcher’s university receives 20,000 euros a year to be devoted to activities or projects directly related to the researcher’s work. The university will also receive a fee of 5,000 euros a year to manage the program.