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  • Info IEB. Nueva evidencia sobre los efectos del control de alquileres en Cataluña. Número 44. Marzo 2023

    La asequibilidad a la vivienda es un problema cada vez más importante en muchas ciudades del mundo. En Europa, aproximadamente una de cada diez familias se gasta más del 40% de sus ingresos en cubrir los gastos del hogar, una situación descrita como de “sobrecarga” que es especialmente aguda en...

    2023/01: Place-based policies: Opportunity for deprived schools or zone-and-shame effect?

    Manon Garrouste, Miren Lafourcade

    Even though place-based policies involve large transfers toward low-income neighborhoods, they may also produce territorial stigmatization. This paper appeals to the quasi-experimental discontinuity in a French reform that redrew the zoning map of subsidized neighborhoods on the basis of a sharp poverty cut-off to assess the effect of place-based policies...

    2022/10: Decomposing the impact of immigration on house prices

    Rosa Sanchis-Guarner

    Immigrant inflows affect local house prices by increasing housing demand when housing supply is fixed. In this paper, I show that we can formally decompose total demand changes into changes stemming from an immediate increase in population due to new arrivals (“partial effect”) and additional changes in demand from relocated...

    2022/09: (IN)convenient stores? What do policies pushing stores to town centres actually do?

    Paul C. Cheshire, Christian A. L. Hilber, Piero Montebruno, Rosa Sanchis-Guarner

    England´s Town Centre First Policy, introduced in 1996, restricted the opening of new retail and other ‘traditional town centre activities’ to ‘Town Centre’ (TC) locations. The aim was to halt the decay of high streets. We explore the impact of the policy on the supply and location of grocery shops...

    2022/08: The role of historic amenities in shaping cities

    Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López, Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal

    The existence of amenities matters to understanding people’s residential choices. Our theoretical model extends the standard urban model by introducing exogenous amenities to explain population allocation within cities. To estimate the model predictions, we focus on historic amenities using detailed geolocated data for 579 European cities. We analyze how the...

    2022/04: Low emission zones and traffic congestion: Evidence from Madrid Central

    Filippo Tassinari

    The aim of this paper is to shed light on the effect of Low Emission Zones (LEZs) on traffic. LEZs are areas in which access is restricted for the most polluting vehicles. They have been found to be effective in reducing pollution, while the expected effect on traffic is not...