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XII INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC SYMPOSIUM – «Accelerating the net-zero economy transformation: new challenges for sustainability»

Direction: Maria Teresa Costa Campi (University of Barcelona & IEB)

Coordination: Elisa Trujillo-Baute (Universitat de Lleida & IEB)

Data: febrer 06, 2024

Aula Magna - Edifici Històric de la UB


In a period of deep transformation, where the competitiveness of firms has been severely weakened by high energy prices and the disruptions in supply chains, a structural adjustment to better respond to the resulting economic order is necessary. To achieve this critical transformation, it is essential to establish a more comprehensive framework prepared to lead the way, with speed and ambition, to sustainable net-zero economy and society. Keeping the spirit of previous years, the Symposium will offer a platform for debate and discussion of the big changes to stimulates long-term competitiveness and prosperity through net-zero technologies based on sustainability and circularity, disruptive innovation, and energy systems transformation. Authors are invited to submit empirical papers emphasizing on the energy policy implications applied to oil, gas, or electricity sector.

Institucions organitzadores

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Keynote Speakers

Natalia Fabra (Carlos III University of Madrid)
Laura Diaz Anadon (University of Cambridge)

Joan Guàrdia Olmos, Rector of Universitat de Barcelona

Martí Parellada Sabata, FIEB President and FUNSEAM Board of Trustees Member

María Teresa Costa-Campi, Chair of Energy Sustainability and Universitat de Barcelona

José García-Quevedo, Head of Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitat de Barcelona


“Unpacking the distributional implications of the energy crisis: lessons from the Spanish electricity market”, Natalia Fabra (Carlos III University of Madrid)


Chair: Rafael Doménech (BBVA Research)


“Estimating technological gains and losses from environmental regulation”, Albert Roger (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition)


“Trilemma or trinity? The nexus of economic growth, circular economy and net zero”, Anupama Sen (University of Oxford)


“Financing constraints, climate policies and carbon emissions”, Mattia Guerini (University of Brescia)


“Devising natural capital finance”, François Cohen (Chair of Energy Sustainability and Universitat de Barcelona)


Chair:  Monica Giulietti (Nottingham University Business School)


“Towards European electricity market integration: a volatility spillover approach”, Cristina Pizarro (University of the Basque Country)


“Storage and renewable energies: friends or foes?”, David J. Andrés Cerezo (Carlos III University of Madrid)


“Mitigating carbon leakage under the EU ETS: how does state aid for indirect emission costs affect firm profits?”, Carlotta Masciandaro (University of Groningen)


“A restructured Moroccan electricity market and its interaction with the Iberian power market”, Anas Damoun (University of the Basque Country)


Chair: Tooraj Jamasb (Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure)


“On the subtle role of governmental decentralization on the generation of renewable electricity”, Tobias Albrecht (Universitat de Barcelona)


“The Iberian exception: estimating the impact of a cap on gas prices for electricity generation on consumer prices and market dynamics”, Natalia Collado (Complutense University of Madrid)


“Net-zero transition and welfare in general equilibrium”, Javier Ferri (University of Valencia)


“A cause for concern: household energy price resilience and wellbeing”, Monica Giulietti (Nottingham University Business School)


“Designing public institutions for the energy transition”, Laura Diaz Anadon (University of Cambridge)

Registration and Payment

You can make a bank transfer to:


IBAN ES58 2100 5731 7402 0023 6875


The proof of bank transfer must be sent by email to:


The registration fee covers documentation, coffee breaks and working lunch.


Members of business community: The registration fee is 200,00 €


Members of academic / non-profit institutions:


-Early registration (before January 18): 100 €


-Late registration (before January 31): 200 €


PhD students: fee waivers are available upon request (PLEASE, TAKE NOTE THAT YOU SHOULD SEND US BY EMAIL THE ENROLLMENT CERTIFICATE)


Deadline for submission of papers: October 14th, 2022


Deadline for acceptance of papers: November 4th,  2022


Registration of presenters: November 4th to  November 18th, 2022

Topics of interest

Climate change

Insurance and climate risks

Clean and circular economy

Sustainable finance

Finance and climate risks

Energy efficiency

Public & private funding

Regulation of green assets

Green jobs

Energy & environment

Green taxonomy

Clean industrial modernization

Energy & climate models

Green innovation

Renewable and low carbon technologies policy

Scientific Committee

Maria Teresa Costa-Campi (University of Barcelona & IEB)

Elisa Trujillo-Baute (University of Lleida & IEB)

José Garcia-Quevedo (University of Barcelona & IEB)

Francois Cohen (University of Barcelona & IEB)

Joan Batalla (Funseam & IEB)

Ralph de Haas (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

Andreas Löschel (Ruhr University Bochum & IEB)

Mike Waterson (Warwick University)

Juan Rosellón (CIDE, DIW Berlin & IEB)

Monica Giullietti (Loughborough University)

Pablo del Río (CSIC & IEB)

Tooraj Jamasb (Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure)


Organizing Committee

Maria Teresa Costa-Campi (University of Barcelona & IEB)

Elisa Trujillo-Baute (University of Lleida & IEB)

Elisenda Jové-Llopis (University of Barcelona & IEB)

Daniel Daví-Arderius (IEB)

Joan Batalla (Funseam & IEB)

José Garcia-Quevedo (University of Barcelona & IEB)

Francois Cohen (University of Barcelona & IEB)

Jordi Planelles Cortes (University of Barcelona & IEB)