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V Workshop on Economics of Education: Lifelong Learning Policies & Strategies

Inici: setembre 16, 2014 Fi: setembre 17, 2014

Sala de Recepcions - Faculty of Economics and Business. University of Barcelona. Tinent Coronel Valenzuela, 1-11. Barcelona).


The formation of human capital, essential for economic growth, does not depend exclusively on the formal education system aimed at young people. Lifelong learning and, in particular, continuous training and training for the unemployed, is a factor that has been identified as crucial, for example in PIAAC (OECD), in defining the competences of the adult population. These competences generate, in turn, a wide range of monetary and non-monetary benefits for individuals and societies. In this context, the workshop aims at analysing a diversity of aspects related to lifelong learning, as its distribution, barriers to access, efficiency in production, funding and evaluation of its policies and programs.

Original research papers that cast some light on these issues, especially those from an economic perspective, will be brought together at the Workshop. Although the focus is set on empirical papers, theoretical studies are also welcome. The accepted papers (10) will be presented in plenary sessions that will complement the two keynote speakers’ presentations.

Institucions organitzadores

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Keynote speakers

Giorgio Brunello (Università degli Studi di Padova, LUMS and IZA)
Francis Green (Institute of Education-University of London)
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The presentations are scheduled as follows,

20 minutes at most for the presenter,

5 minutes at most for the discussant and

10 minutes for general discussion.

Scientific Committee

Giorgio Brunello (Università degli Studi di Padova, LUMS and IZA)

Francis Green (Institute of Education-University of London)

Jorge Calero (Universitat de Barcelona & IEB)

J.Oriol Escardíbul (Universitat de Barcelona & IEB)

Toni Mora (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya & IEB)

Martí Parellada (Universitat de Barcelona & Director of the IEB)

Raúl Ramos (AQR-IREA, Universitat de Barcelona)

Josep Lluís Raymond (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona & IEB)

Topics of interest

Evaluation of training policies

Benefits of lifelong learning

Funding of Lifelong learning

Efficiency of lifelong learning programs

Training for the unemployed

Training & gender

Barriers to access to lifelong learning

The distribution of lifelong learning


Deadline for submission of papers: June 25, 2014

Deadline for acceptance of papers: June 28, 2014

Early Registration: May 1 to July 30, 2014

Late registration: July 31 to September 11, 2014


The registration fee covers documentation, coffee breaks, working lunches and the dinner of September 16th. Participants whose papers have been accepted are exempt from this payment. Free accommodation will also be provided for them. Papers should be sent to Only papers presented in PDF format will be considered and no longer than 30 pages.


Early registration: 390€s

Late registration: 450€

Co-authors: 240€

PhD students: 90€.