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Solé-Ollé, Albert

Department of Public Economy, Political Economy and Spanish Economy Universitat de Barcelona

Director of the Fiscal Federalism Research Programme
Researcher (IEB)
University Professor (Universitat de Barcelona)

Email Adress: asole@ub.edu

Phone: (+34) 93 403 99 63

Web: albertsoleolle.wordpress.com

Relevant outputs:

Does zoning follow highways?


Garcia-López, M.A.; Solé-Ollé, A.; Viladecans-Marsal, E. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 53, 148-155, 2015.

Do political parties matter for land use policies?


Solé-Ollé, A.; Viladecans-Marsal, E. Journal of Urban Economics, 78, 42-56, 2013.

Pork-barrel politics in semi-democracies: the Spanish ‘Parliamentary roads’, 1880-1914


Curto, M.; Herranz A.; Solé-Ollé, A. Journal of Economic History 72/03, 771-796, 2012.

Corruption, voter information, and accountability


Costas, E.; Solé-Ollé, A.; Sorribas, P. European Journal of Political Economy 28/4, 469-484, 2012.

Which communities should be afraid of mobility? The effects of agglomeration economies on the sensitivity of firm location to local taxes


Jofre, J.; Solé-Ollé, A. Regional Science and Urban Economics 42/ 1–2, 257-268, 2012.

Lobbying, political competition and local land supply: recent evidence from Spain


Solé-Ollé, A.; Viladecans, E. Journal of Public Economics 96/1–2, 10-19, 2012.

The effects of partisan alignment on the allocation of intergovernmental transfers. Difference-in-differences estimates for Spain


Solé-Ollé, A.; Sorribas, P. Journal of Public Economics 92 (10), 27-56, 2008.

Expenditure spillovers and fiscal interactions: empirical evidence from local governments in Spain


Solé-Ollé, A. Journal of Urban Economics 59/1, 32-53, 2006.

The regional allocation of infrastructure investment: the role of equity, efficiency and political factors


Castells, A.; Solé-Ollé, A. European Economic Review 49/5, 1165-1205, 2005.

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Topics of interest

Equalization grants

Estimation of expenditure needs

Fiscal federalism

Political economy of infrastructure allocation

Tax competence


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