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  • Info IEB Number 30, December 2018

    Gender Differences Under Test Pressure and their Impact on Academic Performance: a Quasi-Experimental Design

    Student performance, especially at university, is a strong determinant of individual decisions and future labour opportunities. The well-documented gender gap in labour outcomes (see Blau and Kahn, 2010 for a recent review) highlights the need to understand the potential determinants of gender differences in academic performance so as to mitigate...

    2018/23: Wage differentials by bargaining regime in spain (2002-2014). An analysis using matched employer-employee data

    Raul Ramos, Esteban Sanromá, Hipólito Simón

    This research examines wage differentials associated to different collective bargaining regimes in Spain and their evolution over time based on matched employer-employee microdata. The primary objective is to analyse the wage differentials associated to the presence of a firm-level agreement and how they have evolved, taking into account the changes...

    2018/22: Hit where it hurts – healthcare access and intimate partner violence

    Caoimhe Rice, Judit Vall Castelló

    We exploit a change in the public healthcare entitlement of undocumented migrants in Spain to investigate the causal link between withdrawal of healthcare and changes in help-seeking behaviour of women experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV). We contribute to the new literature modelling domestic violence by taking a novel look at...

    2018/21: Gender differences under test pressure and their impact on academic performance: a quasi-experimental design

    Daniel Montolio, Pere A. Taberner

    Student performance at university is a strong determinant of individual decisions and future outcomes, most notably labour opportunities. Although published studies have found gender differences in student performance in response to pressure, little is known about such differences when university students are exposed to test pressure. Based on field data,...

    2018/20: Do information and communication technologies (ICT) improve educational outcomes? Evidence for Spain in PISA 2015

    Nerea Gómez-Fernández, Mauro Mediavilla

    With the world becoming increasingly digitalized, determining the relationship between the use of ICT in the learning process and educational outcomes takes on special relevance for guiding educational policy decisions in a reasoned way. The objective of this study is to evaluate the effect on academic performance of the use...

    IEB Report 3/2018 – The Challenges of Public Budgeting After the Great Fiscal Crisis: Where Improvements and Reform Can Be Made

    The Challenges of Public Budgeting After the Great Fiscal Crisis: Where Improvements and Reform Can Be Made

    According to the most recent economic and fiscal figures (IMF and EC 2018), the developed economies are characterized by high debt levels, exceeding 100% of GDP as a whole, and where more than one third have (in 2017) a debt exceeding 85% of GDP, three times as many as in...

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