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  • 2019/02: Preventing criminal minds: early education access and adult offending behavior

    Zelda Brutti, Daniel Montolio

    In this paper we estimate the impact of a nationwide public preschool expansion that took place in Spain over the 1990s on criminal behavior later in time. We exploit variation in enrollment rates across Spanish regions and birth-cohorts, and we link education data to a unique administrative crime dataset recording...

    Report IEB 2018

    IEB’s Report on Fiscal Federalism and Public Finance'18

    The Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) has published “IEB’s Report on Fiscal Federalism and Public Finance” 2018. For another year, the document compiles the various ‘IEB reports’ published during the year 2018 focused on the analysis of infrastructure financing, the use of fiscal policies in relation to the phenomenon of...

    IEB Report 4/2018 – The Present and Future of Tax Havens

    The Present and Future of Tax Havens

    Having a good knowledge of the amount and type of tax fraud in a country is necessary for mitigating its impact on public finances. On this understanding, this report seeks to provide a complete overview of one specific aspect of this fraudulent activity, namely, the role played by “tax havens”....

    2019/01: Bilingual education and school choice: a case study of public secondary schools in the Spanish region of Madrid

    Mauro Mediavilla, María-Jesús Mancebón, José-María Gómez-Sancho, Luis Pires Jiménez

    In the academic year of 2004-2005 the Spanish region of Madrid began to implement a bilingual educational programme in public schools. Currently, 45% of the public educational system (primary and secondary) participates in the bilingual programme of the Community of Madrid (hereinafter MBP). One of the objectives sought by this...

    Info IEB Number 30, December 2018

    Gender Differences Under Test Pressure and their Impact on Academic Performance: a Quasi-Experimental Design

    Student performance, especially at university, is a strong determinant of individual decisions and future labour opportunities. The well-documented gender gap in labour outcomes (see Blau and Kahn, 2010 for a recent review) highlights the need to understand the potential determinants of gender differences in academic performance so as to mitigate...

    2018/23: Wage differentials by bargaining regime in Spain (2002-2014). An analysis using matched employer-employee data

    Raul Ramos, Esteban Sanromá, Hipólito Simón

    This research examines wage differentials associated to different collective bargaining regimes in Spain and their evolution over time based on matched employer-employee microdata. The primary objective is to analyse the wage differentials associated to the presence of a firm-level agreement and how they have evolved, taking into account the changes...

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