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  • IEB Report 2/2018

    Tourism and Gentrification in Global Cities: Could Fiscal Policy be Useful?

    There is a growing debate in big cities about the possible negative effects of non-residents – be it as tourists or as house buyers – on the well-being of those citizens that live and work there permanently. Three broad types of effect have been identified.

    IEB Report 1/2018

    The Financing of Infrastructure

    Transport infrastructures, provided they are correctly planned, have a positive impact on a region’s economic growth. In recent decades, supported by this belief, investment in transport projects has been given priority on the policy agendas of many governments. However, despite the high volume of resources allocated to the construction and...

    2018/05: Employment effects of on-the-job human capital acquisition

    Joaquín Naval, José I. Silva, Javier Vázquez-Grenno

    This paper quantifies the joint effect of on-the-job training and workers' on- the-job learning decisions on aggregate employment. We present an Index of On-the-job Human Capital Acquisition (OJHCA), based on data from the OECD Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies. The objective of the index is to capture...

    2018/04: Popularity shocks and political selection

    Francisco Cavalcanti, Gianmarco Daniele, Sergio Galletta

    We observe that popularity shocks are crucial for electoral accountability beyond their effects on voters’ behaviors. By focusing on Brazilian politics, we show that the disclosure of audit reports on the (mis)use of federal funds by local administrators affects the type of candidates who stand for election. When the audit...

    2018/03: Abandon ship? Party brands and politicians’ responses to a political scandal

    Gianmarco Daniele, Sergio Galletta, Benny Geys

    How do politicians react to a political earthquake? In this article, we study politicians’ – rather than voters’ – responses to the main political scandal in Italian recent history (Tangentopoli), and overcome endogeneity concerns by analysing the local implications of this national corruption scandal. We find that local politicians withdraw...

    2018/02: All roads lead to Rome … and to sprawl? Evidence from European cities

    Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López

    I investigate the effect of highways on residential sprawl in European cities between 1990 and 2012. I find that a 10% increase in the stock of highways (km) causes a 0.4% growth in the residential land area, a 1.7% growth in the number of residential lots, and a 0.7% growth...

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