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  • 2018/09: Flight from urban blight: lead poisoning, crime and suburbanization

    Federico Curci, Federico Masera

    In the post World War II period, most U.S. cities experienced large movements of population from the city centers to the suburbs. In this paper we provide causal evidence that this process of suburbanization can be explained by the rise of violent crime in city centers. We do so by...

    2018/08: Asymmetric effects of monetary policy in regional housing markets

    Knut Are Aastveit, André K. Anundsen

    The responsiveness of house prices to monetary policy shocks depends on the nature of the shock – expansionary versus contractionary – and on local housing supply elasticities. These findings are established based on a panel of 263 US metropolitan areas. We test and find supporting evidence for the hypothesis that...

    2018/07: Inter-industry differences in organisational eco-innovation: a panel data study

    Jose García-Quevedo, Effie Kesidou, Ester Martínez-Ros

    Building on insights from institutional theory, the resource-based view of the firm, and internationalisation, we seek to explain the variation in the adoption of organisational eco-innovations such as environmental management systems (EMS) across sectors in Spain in the period 2009–2014. Previous studies on eco-innovation report that regulatory pressures, technology-push, market-pull,...

    2018/06: Relocation of the rich: migration in response to top tax rate changes from Spanish reforms

    David R. Agrawal, Dirk Foremny

    A recent Spanish tax reform granted regions the authority to set income tax rates, resulting in substantial tax differentials. We use individual-level information from Social Security records over a period of one decade. Conditional on moving, taxes have a significant effect on location choice. A one percent increase in the...

    IEB Report 2/2018

    Tourism and Gentrification in Global Cities: Could Fiscal Policy be Useful?

    There is a growing debate in big cities about the possible negative effects of non-residents – be it as tourists or as house buyers – on the well-being of those citizens that live and work there permanently. Three broad types of effect have been identified.

    IEB Report 1/2018

    The Financing of Infrastructure

    Transport infrastructures, provided they are correctly planned, have a positive impact on a region’s economic growth. In recent decades, supported by this belief, investment in transport projects has been given priority on the policy agendas of many governments. However, despite the high volume of resources allocated to the construction and...

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